Friday, 13 January 2012

Clear Cards

About us :
Clear cards are currently the hottest kind of business card around. They have a futuristic look. Clear cards can help you stand out by changing both the visual and tactile experience. They also tend to be thicker, and of course, waterproof! Clear cards help you display all the pertinent information on see-through cards that not just gives a unique look to the card but is an innovative and eye-catching way to get your message across.

Apart from personal use, clear cards are now used by many businesses. The advertisement gives the first impression about you to your customers hence it is necessary that your clear card must portrays professionalism and high quality. Clear cards display all the relevant data on see-through cards that gives a distinctive look to the card but is an innovative and eye-catching way to get your message across.
The foremost purpose of your clear card is to draw interest of target audience and send a message. In order for you to get your message across easily, create an influential first impression and make your target audience feel special, you must have a clear and concise message in a creative way. Don't include spare elements that could divert from the message you wish to send in the first place. It is also important that you don’t overcrowd your clear cards and stuff it with confusing and irrelevant information. Fun element must also be added in your clear card to put a smile on the reader’s face. It’s hard to convey your message clearly on such a small piece of advertising but if the design and template is carefully thought and with a lot of consideration, a clear card will be the best way to get your message across.
Make your clear cards something to be proud of that would motivate the readers to take a second look at it and not throw it in the trashcan. In order for you to make a successful clear card make sure the right quality material is used. It must be of high quality meaning that the card must be able to long last and has a strong paper. Since it is made of plastic, it is very durable hard-wearing.  High quality clear cards would give a professional and sophisticated impression.

Clear cards must be personalized according to your particular needs in turn to represent you and your style and overall make it a very unique and eye-catching clear card. They can be painted any color, cut at the corners, shaped into different forms. The clear cards with full color printing on both sides makes the clear cards very attractive to the eye.
While designing the clear cards, the size of them must be kept in mind. The cards must be made handy so it can be used effectively and can be easily carried in the pocket. Apart from the size, the ink quality is also very crucial. The craftsmanship must be so as the text on both sides of the clear cards must be aligned properly.

If poorly designed; clear cards might covey the wrong message across. If online printing companies are used, make sure you choose that template that best explains the message you wish to send across to the clients or the potential customers. The complete detail of the contact and the clear address of you or your workplace must be clearly visible in the clear card. Don’t make your clear card so dull in color that it doesn’t catch attention of the targeted audience. In short clear cards must be as such they motivate the readers to give you a call rather than throw the card in the bin. If the right printing shop, a quality marketing material (clear plastic) is used, you will have the assurance of getting only good and high quality clear cards that you can proudly give to all your targeted clients and customers. 


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  2. Very unique design and color combination is spot on size is little big but its looking pretty,How you can manage this ,Have you some more designs in here's site........
    Clear business cards

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